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Portrait Artist

Portrait artist Bath Summer Blues painting
Portrait artist Bath guitarist painting

Tim Burden is a portrait artist based in the UK. He specialises in contemporary realist portraits and figure paintings.

Portraits have kept Tim rather consumed since an early age. The challenge of capturing the essence of a person, or just a spontaneous, accidental expression flashing across a face. The unrestricted language of the body and its ever changing movement in form. Portrait painting to Tim is a celebration of the depth and honesty of a one-to-one relationship, experienced first hand in this case between subject and viewer. An important part of the role Tim plays in this world. His ability to study, record and glorify the people he sees. 

Tim hangs his artistry on accurate drawing and traditional painting techniques. He paints exclusively “alla prima” in oils. His influences include John Singer Sargent, Eugene Delacroix, Edward Hopper and Franz Kline. 

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