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Commission a Portrait

If you are looking to commission a portrait painting in oils by contemporary artist Tim Burden, read on! 

How to commission a portrait

It’s very important to choose a portrait artist whose work resonates with you. If you are looking to commission a portrait, and you feel a connection with Tim’s style, the next step is to get in touch with him directly for an initial chat about the process. 

Tim will ask you why you are looking to commission a portrait. Whether it is intended to be a gift for a friend or loved one… Where it may be displayed… And what your ideal timescales are. He will advise on the possible size and composition of the piece. He will then explain the steps involved in the creation of the work. At this time, Tim should also be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate for the piece.

How much does is cost to commission a portrait?

Price will obviously vary depending on the size and complexity of the work. Each painting commissioned will be priced differently for this reason. Just for example, an A3 size portrait of one person painted by Tim tends to cost between £300 and £500. Whereas for full figure paintings, portraits of more than one person, or portraits on a much larger scale, the price can increase to anything from £1,500 to £5,000 and upwards. 

Working from reference photos

Tim usually prefers to work from reference imagery rather than from life. A traditional studio sitting, while preferable in many ways, has the drawbacks of being slightly tedious and time consuming for the sitter! Tim has found that working from a reference photo, therefore, tends to work better. The pose and composition can be carefully considered prior to starting work on the painting. If possible, Tim likes to take the reference photos himself so he has creative control over the painting from the start.

Oil portrait painting

In Tim’s paintings there can be found a fine balance of realism and abstraction. Wispy brushwork with soft edges that give his paintings a romantic, dreamlike feel. Tim observes his subjects intently to understand their exact proportions, while simultaneously adhering to rigorous drawing to ensure he has recorded them correctly. While his approach is unique to him, Tim uses traditional colour palettes, mixing techniques and formulas in the creation of his work.  

Whether painting a portrait for a client, or for a family member or friend, the journey for Tim is to create a work of subtle beauty and above all, a labour of love.

If you are looking for a portrait artist in the UK, please contact Tim to discuss your requirements with him directly here.


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